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What Sets Us Apart?

A Place to Excel and Thrive

What is Ukiah Junior Academy?

Ukiah Junior Academy (UJA)  is a Christian school nestled in the vineyards of the beautiful Northern California community of Ukiah. UJA serves students in grades kindergarten through the tenth grade and is part of a large system of schools operated by Adventist Education all across the United States and Canada.

Is Ukiah Junior Academy accredited?

Ukiah Junior Academy has fulfilled the accreditation requirements, provisions, and
standards as prescribed by these accrediting bodies:

  • Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and
    Colleges (ACS-WASC)
  • North American Division Commission on Accreditation
  • Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and
  • National Council for Private School Accreditation
  • The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation

How is Ukiah Junior Academy governed?

Each Adventist school is overseen by localstateregional, and national organizations that share in supervision of curriculum and instruction, making sure quality is maintained across all of our schools.

What are the advantages of an Adventist Christian education?

Research has shown that students in Adventist schools perform better on nationally normed tests than the average student in public or other private schools. In fact, this same research has shown that the gap keeps increasing the longer a student attends an Adventist school.

Is financial aid available?

UJA is supported financially by the Ukiah Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Tuition revenues bring in only about half of our operating revenues. Because of the enormous support given to UJA by these organizations, we can offer tuition rates that are substantially less than the actual cost of educating each student. In addition, needs-based scholarships are available to any family that wants to send their children to UJA and does not have the financial means to do so.

What's my next step to determine if UJA is right for my family?

The best way to get to know if UJA would be a good fit for your family is by coming by and meeting the staff and students while school is in session.  Please call our office at (707) 462-6350 and make an appointment to visit us as soon as possible.  We would love to have you spend as much time here as you need to get all of your questions answered.

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